You deserve a home with top quality finishes

We build your house with the best finishes and the highest quality standards, just as if it were our own.

Quality where you see...

Imagine walking into your home and everything is perfect. Feeling that sense of comfort and harmony from the very first step. Feeling the confidence of knowing that your home will last, because everything is of quality.
At Total Homes we know that details are the ones that transform a house into a luxury home, and that's why we work to give you the best finishes.

...and quality where it cannot be seen

Quality should be everywhere, not just where it's most visible. That's why we build your home as if it were for us. When you build with Total Homes, you build with quality, aesthetics and maximum functionality.

We work with high-end brands

Visit our show houses

We want you to feel confident that the finishes will be according to your wishes. Therefore, we have sample houses in Barcelona for you to visit and see first hand the details and top quality finishes that you could own in your home.

Guaranteed quality and deadlines

We respect your investment and appreciate your trust in us. Therefore, for new constructions, we sign a contract that makes us responsible for the delivery time as well as for the quality and finishings of your home (both visible and not visible). We want you to feel at ease at the moment of making the decision, you should only enjoy this process.